Save Your Skin: Steps To Flawless Skin Without Using Expensive Products

Your skin care routine is extremely important if you don't want to constantly battle with blemishes. Sure, there are all kinds of products, routines and regimes that can help you achieve that goal of clear and supple skin, but they can be difficult or expensive. You might be happy to learn that there are actually simple, inexpensive ways to get real results.

What do the skin care experts do? Check out this list to see what simple methods are followed by people with gorgeous skin!

They Sleep.

First thing's first, it's not called "beauty rest" for nothing. It's imperative that you get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep if you want to achieve your goal of having flawless skin. The truth is, your skin needs that time to heal, and if you don't get at least 7 hours of healing time, how is it supposed to be at its best?

If you have trouble getting a good night's sleep, you might like to try out a sleep mask. This Slipsilk mask is made from the highest grade mulberry silk, so it's plenty soft and durable for your sleeping hours. You can even get it with a matching pillowcase, just for fun.

They Protect.

You have to protect your skin, and that means using sunscreen every day. Even when it's cloudy or cold outside, UV rays can still penetrate your skin. If you don't love the idea of adding that extra step to your daily routine, use makeup that has an SPF already included. According to Beautypedia reviews, one of the best foundations with SPF protection is the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Powder. It has an SPF of 24, and it's also a great foundation!

They Hydrate.

You know how the answer to pretty much every problem is "drink more water"? Well, it applies here, too! Drink lots of water and stay away from excess sugar, which can clog your pores and reverse your progress.

They Eat Healthy.

Try foods like salmon, tomato, kale and green tea. They are rich in vitamins that can help your skin acquire a natural glow. Green tea can also be part of your hydration routine, just don't add sugar!

Remember, it's not all about makeup and concealer. Target those skin problems with healthy eating and living and make them go away permanently!