The Cutest Nails To Rock This Spring (Photos)

Winter is ending and spring and summer are right around the corner. That means it's time to brighten up your colors, starting with those nails! Break out the florals and the pale pinks and let's start spring off right. Take a look at some of these cool new designs to try out!

Negative Space

First, we have the negative nails trend, for those minimalists out there. According to, this nail design is one of this year's biggest runway trends! It features a less-is-more look where parts of your real nail peep through a bold polish (it can also be a springy pastel!), sort of like some styles of clothing that show off skin.

Finding beauty in #negativespace ????

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Flower Nails

These are just how they sound. Beautiful flower designs on your nails. This example also takes a page out of the minimalist book, with bare nails underneath, but you can use a bold polish if you'd like. For example, what about putting a bright pink or yellow over a dark background?

Flower nails for @allure engagement ring story. Link in bio!

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Glass Nails

According to Allure, glass nails are the "ultimate nail-art trend of the year," and it's easy to see why! They're beautifully shiny and eye-catching. While they may look pretty difficult to attempt on your own, there are stickers you can buy and apply to your nails so that they look professional. Just go for it!

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Geometric Nails

This style is pretty self-explanatory, in that it features geometric shapes. The cool part, however, is that it can be combined with the negative space style to create a truly chic design!

Moon Nails

Moon nails are meant to make use of that natural little half-moon that's at the bottom of your nail by the cuticle. You know, that little white space? With this style you can either fill that space with color (or glitter, like in the picture below), or simply outline it with just a clean white line. This look is classic, clean and never out of style.

Glitter moons and eyebrows for @allure_russia with @violette_fr ??

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Keep on top of fun new trends, especially when the seasons are changing. You never know what cool designs and fashions you'll love!