Breathe Easy With These Lightweight Formulas

The makeup you’re wearing may give you the look you want, but isn’t it time you evolved to something with both beauty and benefits? Demand more from your makeup, and get it by purchasing these healthy options for your skin.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear

You may already have Physicians Formula in your makeup bag as we speak, but have you heard of their Organic Wear line? They offer a variety of products such as mascara, creams and tinted moisturizers, many of which are 100% organic. This brand offers natural ingredients designed to protect your skin while providing all the coverage of traditional makeup. Take their loose powder, for example, which is even enriched with antioxidants.


Acure Organics Lip Lush

Regular lipsticks can leave your lips dry and peeling, but Acure Organics has got you covered. These lip glosses range from radiant reds to playful pinks, and with ingredients like Argan Oil and Echinacea you’ll feel just as good as you look. Pick up one, two or try them all at your local Target.


Ilia Cosmetics

Ilia’s tinted moisturizers, lipsticks, mascaras and more keep beauty simple. Take their concealer, for example; with base ingredients like aloe leaf, coconut oil and green tea extract, their simple formulas are perfect even if you have sensitive skin. While it may be pricier than our other options, retailers like Anthropologie clearly carry this brand for a reason.

Oh, and did we mention our favorite part? All of the above products are cruelty-free!