Cool And Clean In Your Facial Routine

We all do it: the morning rush of jumping out of bed, throwing on some makeup and sprinting out the door. So what if you skip your morning facial prep? It turns out, you may be setting your skin up for failure. Erase the damage of oils, dirt and makeup by adding these three important steps to your facial routine.


By using a facial cleanser every morning and evening, you are providing your skin with a blank slate for you to paint as you please. When you go to bed without washing your face, your makeup stays caked on your skin, clogging and irritating your pores. Makeup isn’t the only culprit; by also washing your face in the morning, you can shed the dead skin cells, toxins and sweat your body creates.


While cleansing your skin before and after makeup application is important, it can also strip away many of the natural oils your face needs. A quality moisturizer will keep your skin from becoming too dry and flaky, and they come in a variety of formulas to match every skin type. The good news is you can kill two birds with one stone: Purchase a tinted moisturizer like this one to give your skin the nutrients it needs while giving you the even skin tone you’re looking for.


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pimples pop up. Instead of caking on extra makeup to cover up the problem, try a spot treatment, like this one found at your local Target. It treats the pimple head on and won't dry out your skin by sucking up all your good oils with the bad.