Temporary Tattoos Make it Easy To Achieve Faux Freckles

The faux freckle trend usually makes use of Vaseline and glitter or freckle drawings on faces, but those methods can be messy and uncomfortable … You can't really touch your face all day for fear you'll smudge them or get Vaseline everywhere. What a drag!

It's cool, though. Beauty brands are finally coming out with some good answers and they've got us covered. Out of the brands we've seen so far that have released their own version of temporary freckle tattoos, there's one that really stands out for us. I guess you could say it's our favorite … Check it out!

Mr. Kate's Beautymarks ($14)

These freckles are metallic, and they're made up of hand-drawn gold and silver specks, stars, hearts and even bolder edgy dots. They last for two to four days and can be removed whenever you like using any type of oil (coconut, jojoba, baby oil, etc.). Just look at how they add a little sparkle to these faces on Facebook:

To top it off, these freckles are cruelty-free and aren't tested on animals. Get on Instagram and use the hashtag #mrkate to see how everyone else is wearing theirs!