A New Eyebrow Trend Has Emerged On Instagram

Eyebrow trends are all the rage in 2017, and it doesn't look like it's about to end anytime soon. From big, bold and beautiful to feathered and barb-wired, we're ready for anything! Even these new carved eyebrows that are popping up all over Instagram.

The carved eyebrow trend was created by Alexa Link, and it features a faded, smoky look for your brows, rather than your eyelids. Alexa Link, according to Allure, is a makeup artist based in Austin, Texas, and she first posted a picture of this new look back in April.

Day 459 of the #1000daysofmakeup! I guess we're doing this weird brow carve again —\_(?)_/— I used @meltcosmetics Dark Matter Stack, @sigmabeauty In The Saddle Aura Powder, @smashboxcosmetics Pearl Spotlight Palette (@caseyhl91 collab), and @katvondbeauty Vampira Everlasting Liquid Lipstick /a>

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It looks kind of like she traced lines around the outside of her eyebrows to create sharp angles, then blended those lines out with eyeshadow to gain the smoky look that we usually strive for with the shadow on our lids. It basically looks like a fancy eyebrow outline.

Now that the trend is catching on, we're seeing even more creativity added to the look. For example, think glitter and not-so-natural looking colors. These designs are getting pretty intense.

While this trend is less likely to be worn every day like the big, bold brows, we could possibly start seeing it on runways. We can really admire the carved look when it's paired with the most trendy outfits.