Ranger Spots Hidden Cabin In Woods, Finds Mystery Inside

A mysterious cabin was discovered in a forest in Arcata, California.

Mark Andre, the man who found the cabin, was reportedly marking trees in a remote area of the Arcata Community Forest when he made the discovery. The last time he'd been there was in 1985, and the cabin was not there at that time.

The cabin was properly constructed for housing, and is only visible from a very specific, short distance.

"I didn't see it until I was 12 feet from it," Andre told Mad River Union's Kevin Hoover. “"t's in the perfect out-of-the-way spot where it wouldn't be detected."

The cabin wasn't accessible by trail, and could only be reached by bushwhacking through the woods. When local police first visited the site to see if any occupants were inside, they searched for clues that might reveal the cabin's origin. Inside the small house was a fully equipped kitchen and living room with cans of food, housekeeping supplies and a small stove.

There was also a library inside, as well as a print of an 18th century painting on the wall. Authorities finally made some headway on the investigation when they found a list of to-do items that included the date January 22, 2011. That discovery led them to finding a copy of a local paper dated March 25, 2015 -- possibly the most recent habitation in the cabin.

After local authorities left an eviction notice for whomever occupied the cabin, it mysteriously disappeared just a couple weeks later.

"That’s the cleanest camp cleanup I’ve ever seen," said Michael McDowall, the natural resources technician for Arcata’s Environmental Services department. "There wasn't a nail, not even a gum wrapper left behind."

The only thing left behind by the resident was a symbol made of charcoal that is reportedly a symbol to represent squatters.

The cabin resident was never identified, and police chief Tom Chapman told Mad River Union that he felt the person would never come forward.

"I'm not finding it strange at all some people just want to live off the grid the person wasn't bothering no one and was taking care of the area," one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page in response to the story.

"Probably a tunnel or cave nearby. The symbol left behind probably indicates a directional signal for others as to where the person moved to," another wrote.

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